Straight Stairlifts

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A straight stairlift is built to work on a straight set of stairs. They are designed with the goal of making mobility within your home easier, and ultimately safer. Our straight stairlifts will blend into your home seamlessly, giving you an easy way to travel up and down the stairs without being intrusive. Learn more about straight stairlifts offered by Surrey Stairlifts so that you can determine if they’re an ideal solution for your needs.

Invest In Your Independence

Investing in a stairlift in your home allows you to get some of your independence back. Stairlifts offered by us are built to last, ensuring that you can stay on the move for decades to come.

Your loved ones will also be happy, knowing that they don’t have to worry about you going up and down the stairs every day. Stairs can be potentially dangerous, and they become taxing on the body after repeated use over a long period of time.

The handicare 1000 straight stairlift

Please note that in order to guarantee the best experience possible we recommend you book a showroom appointment before visiting. It takes only a couple of minutes to do so!

Speak To A Stairlift Specialist Today

We are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are interested in taking back your independence and making mobility within your home easier and safer, give us a call. We can send one of our trained professionals to your home to plan out the logistics around your stairlift solution.

Ride in comfort and safety

Handicare stairlifts are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Their innovative and modern stairlifts will fit in your home without a problem, and provide you with comfortable seating.

Handicare stairlifts are designed to get you up and down the stairs as safely as possible. A power swivel function is offered in their chairs if you feel that it’s necessary, allowing the chair to swivel when at the top or bottom of the stairs to let you get in and out safely.

will a straight stairlift will work on my stairs?

Straight stairlifts will work on almost all straight staircases. All that is required is a landing at the top as well as bottom of your stairs for the stairlift to park. All stairlift solutions offered by us are custom made for your staircase, so we will send out one of our professionals to take detailed measurements and make an assessment. If it turns out your stairs cannot accommodate a straight stairlift then we can explore the option of a curved one.

We can install the stairlift on either side of the staircase, whichever works best in your case. It doesn’t matter how long your staircase is, we can make a stairlift that is perfect for you. Even if there are obstacles to plan for at the top or bottom of your staircase, we will make a plan unique for your home so that the stairlift works with no barriers.

The best straight stairlifts in surrey

At Surrey Stairlifts, we provide our valued customers with affordable and adaptable stairlifts. We always want our customers to enjoy the best solution available and with Handicare stairlifts having such a great reputation for offering the best products on the market, we couldn’t recommend a better brand!

Handicare 1000

The Handicare 1000 is a brand new sleek solution offered by Handicare for customers looking for something versatile and compact. Supporting a weight of up to 200kg, the Handicare 1000 is strong, durable and can withstand constant everyday use without running into any issues. It is also packed with multiple useful features and options such as a two-point charging system (allowing it to be charged both at the bottom and top of the stairs), a power hinge and foldaway footrest, seat and arms to ensure it is never in the way!

Handicare 1100

The long-awaited stairlift with the slimmest rail on the market is finally here! The Handicare 1100’s slim-line rail makes it the most compact stairlift around, further improving upon the convenience of the earlier models. This new patented technology also allows for the use of a grease and oil-free track meaning no more sticky parts collecting dust – and no extra maintenance for you! The four-motor system is another handy innovation here, allowing you to finish your ride even if one of the four motors fail.